Sunday, June 12, 2016

Build That Wall

Every now and then a satirical news show or website will remind us all that Florida is the world's largest insane asylum (just Google "Florida Crazy People" or click here) but there comes a point when a group of people exceeds its stereotype beyond all humor. 

I woke up this morning intending to write about Christina Grimmie, the promising young singer who was killed at a meet and greet with her fans after a performance in Orlando


The shooter apparently traveled from St. Petersburg to carry out his murder plot. 

Unfortunately this has been completely overshadowed by the worst mass shooting in U.S. History, a massacre at a night club in Orlando. The suspected psychopath was living in Port St. Lucie.  

Two tragedies in the same the same city

As I write this, neither case has been fully investigated for motive so for all we know it could have been an anti-gay agenda that led this asshole to open fire at a gay night club at peak dancing hours. 

But because we're Americans, our natural knee-jerk reaction will be to politicize this tragedy and focus on the killer's ethnicity. 

Until now I have tried to be a mature, intelligent person and refrain from assuming the worst about people based on their background. But every time I give them the benefit of the doubt they murder innocent people

There's no other way to say it: Donald Trump is right. 

We need to build a wall. 

Right here.



  1. Sometimes i want to build a wall from our cottage around the church and high street..... Like they did in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK
    The world always catches up with you

    1. I spent a large chunk of the past year hiding from the world in my attic or my bed. Too depressing.

      Escape From NY is a classic. And Escape from LA, though short of the original, has an amazing ending. If anyone dared to turn off technology and send us back to the Dark Ages like Snake Plissken I would be absolutely fine with that.

  2. before i comment on the post, i want to say that i do check back on previous comments. ah, you reply to them! which means i'll read them. i /love/ it when someone does that. i think i'll like you, Chris. you seem to have a sensible head on your shoulders.

    now, for this post:

    i... i am going to click the link but i feel like i'm to regret it.

    i'm at number 11 and my head is actually throbbing. i think you should read this list for whenever you feel like you've failed in your life.

    i know it's sickening isn't it? i can't wrap my head around it. it's just...

    i've no words for it. it shouldn't have happened. these people shouldn't have died. it's happened but it's disgusting that it did.

    "But because we're Americans, our natural knee-jerk reaction will be to politicize this tragedy and focus on the killer's ethnicity." this pretty much sums the whole thing up. and it's not just America apparently. Europe does it too. of course, i can't since i'm Middle Eastern and Muslim.

    interestingly enough (in reference to the comic illustration), those that do it in the name of 'jihand' are defying the Qu'ran. 'jihand' is basically outdated and it says so in our book, so they're double hypocrites. you are not allowed to harm another human being in Islam and it is not applicable. we can't do God's work for him. we are not allowed to take a life. it's a religion of peace and that's very frustrating to see knobs like these absolutely shatter that idea.

    it is unfortunate to have all these people harmed and killed for something as trivial as their orientation. it is revolting and my thoughts go out to all those that are suffering because of this.

    i'm aghast at the cruelty of some human beings.

    -Sam Lupin

    1. "i do check back on previous comments. ah, you reply to them! which means i'll read them."

      I do try Sam, time permitting. Sometimes I write another post instead. But if you're checking back for a reply I'll do my best to provide one!

      "and it's not just America apparently."

      No, you're right I'm afraid. Not sure if European governments bicker as childishly as we do but the issues are the same. The violence, tribal mentality, racism...I'm sure it exists everywhere, sadly.

      "you are not allowed to harm another human being in Islam and it is not applicable."

      I was reminded of this when Muhammad Ali passed. He caught so much shit for refusing to fight in Vietnam but he was right all along.

      I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have these murderers project such a negative stereotype of your faith. There's no such thing as a "Christian terrorist" even when they deliberately attack abortion clinics, African-American churches, schools, and movie theaters (see above) or when so-called Evangelical Christian preachers applaud the slaughter of 49 innocent people as some sort of holy mission to erase all of same-sex society.

      "i'm aghast at the cruelty of some human beings."

      same here.

  3. I don't think I've ever heard anything remotely appealing about Florida. From anyone. Ever. Except maybe some of the best drug rehab facilities in the country, but I imagine that's because Florida has one of the biggest drug problems in the country.

    1. My sister lived in Florida for many years. I visited twice and the only time I wasn't miserable was when my nephews and I watched the Clerks animated series.

      Thankfully, my sis moved back home to CT and I never have to go back there again.

  4. I feel the same way as John! I often think how lovely it would be to build a wall around my little world. This life, the constant need to be connected, and the over sharing, the violence and horror... I want nothing more than to be disconnected and to get myself and my family back in tune with nature. I know that's simply not feasible but stories like this always jolt something awake inside of me that makes me wish for it. It's just so sad.

    1. Its terribly sad Kayla. And I agree that technology plays a role. I've seen the paradigm shift in our society since the internet, Facebook, social media... and its just ugly. It brings us together but it also tears us apart. It breeds fear and hatred and anger. Where does it end?

      I hope you're able to keep your family connected with nature, and I hope your little bean grows up in a safer, happier world than the one we have now.

  5. comment reply:

    "You shouldn't worry yourself into an anxiety attack, though I'm afraid you may have already had one!" surprisingly not this semester. i've a strict no coffee pre-exam policy and it seems to keep those terrible things at bay. oh and a coffee a day, not every day and very rarely more than one. i find that they give me the jitters.

    "I, on the other hand, needed a translator when watching House (and it wasn't because of Hugh Laurie, who amazed me with his perfect American accent)."

    i was surprised to know that Hugh Laurie was British! that was before i started watching Blackadder and now, i don't think i can get that image of Hugh Laurie out of my head!

    ah, House. House is bloody perfect. the further i go into my medical career, the more i realise that it's all bollocks and poppycock but it's even more entertaining to watch knowing that his reasoning is void. i remember that episode where Cuddy shot a patient a shot of cortisol and he woke up like he was rising from the dead. i couldn't help but laugh inside... yeah, that doesn't happen.

    i believe one of my professors once told me that John F. Kennedy had Addison's disease.

    i always remember this picture with Addison's:

    though now that i'm doing my microbiology, i can always go back a few episodes. funny enough, i went into the medical profession because of House (yes, seriously. though being the daughter of a surgeon might influence in a bit. couldn't say that in the interview though)... and my first exam, they asked about paraneoplastic syndrome. the only points i can remember about paraneoplastic syndrome was from House. though they are all void, pointless and nothing like the actual thing!

    "I have replied to your comment on my blog, and I'm thrilled that you check back. If you prefer I can leave my replies on your blog in the future?" as you like really! i'm not fussed. whatever suits you the best.

    hope you have a wonderful day xxx take care!

    -Sam Lupin