Saturday, July 16, 2016

OMFG (on my favorite girls)

When I was a lot younger, my best friend and I would make top ten lists of our favorite things. Most of them were one time only lists, like "favorite action movies" or "favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs" but there was one that became a tradition. For at least a dozen years, my Bff and I would rank our ten favorite girls in what you might call a 'like' list

Sample list (c. 1996):
  • Jessica
  • Kristen
  • Alison
  • Kristina
  • Liz L.
  • Liz B.
  • Jill
  • Brenda
  • Tasha
  • Danielle

However my bestie and I went to different schools after fifth grade, and so our lists were quite different. He knew some of my girls but I knew none of his. And so we stopped 'ranking' girls we knew. Because that's stupid and pathetic and a certain way to be single forever, amirite?

Instead, we made top ten lists of our favorite female celebrities. This worked much better because we both knew all the girls in question and could compare notes about what we liked about each. 

Sample list (c. 1998):
  • Jewel
  • Michelle
  • Katie
  • Uma
  • Jenna
  • Renee
  • Mira
  • Jennifer
  • Christina
  • Kate

We continued making these 'like' lists once or twice a year through the aught's, until adulthood and distance and serious relationships drove us apart. The last time I saw him we reminisced about our younger years and the lists we made. Both of us admitted that we don't have enough girls we like to fill a list; his was pretty much 'Katy Perry'. 

I've no clue what he sees in her

I'm not nearly as interested in celebrities or entertainment as I used to be (and my Maxim subscription lapsed eons ago) but I think I could come up with a 'like' list of ten famous women... if I stretch the definition of 'famous'. 

See if you can guess my favorites by their first names (props if you get more than two)

Summer 2016 list:
  • Jennifer
  • Taryn
  • Kristen
  • Heidi
  • Olivia
  • Victoria
  • Katherine
  • Kathryn
  • Julianne
  • Anna

As for real-life girls, well...there aren't any. Ya know, cause I'm married. And I no longer frequent a centralized location stocked with enough attractive females to populate such a list. (The new girl at my office is over 40... and she's probably the youngest person in the place - present company excluded of course.) 


What about social media? When my bff and I started making our lists there was no such thing as an 'internet celebrity' ... there was no Instagram or YouTube for hot girls to show themselves off to the masses. I can't imagine being a teenage boy today. Total sensory overload. Which is why I try not to get sucked into that wormhole. 

I'm not always successful, obvs. If you're a new follower here (hello new follower!) you may have missed my earlier post(s) about My Favorite Girl. She is neither a celebrity nor a "real-life" girl. 

That's not entirely true. She's a real girl. I think. However I've never met her in real life (unlike my previous mega-crush) so I don't count her as such. I only know her through social media, so she would be on this new third list. At the very top, carved in stone, for the third consecutive year. 

And I have thought of her a lot lately. Primarily in these two ways:

If I can quit cyberstalking My Favorite Girl, why can't I quit something that directly affects my physical or financial well-being?

If I keep thinking about how long I've managed to avoid her social media circles then I'm ostensibly thinking about her. And if I'm thinking about her, then I'm defeating the purpose of not checking her Instaposts and YouTube vids. 

Andso for the next week or two I'll post some of my other favorite things. Then I hope to start my elliptical in August and update y'all about my attempts at getting healthy. This may or may not cause me to return to MFG's social media sites. I don't want it to, but there are days when I could really use a good distraction from the state of the world or my impeding birthday. Plus I have new computer speakers so I can actually hear her. 

But I'm not there yet. I'll try everything else first. I can do this. 

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend.



  1. I don't know much about celebs, but I'll try: Heidi Montag (don't know who that is but think I've seen the name), Olivia Munn or Wilde(e), certainly not Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice), Julianne Hough or Moore, Anna Kendrick, and I'm stuck. Did I get any? I'm grateful I didn't see a Kim as in Kardashian. If you ever have a favorite editors list, I want to be at the top.


    1. Good guesses! You got at least one. (I'll reveal the answers in my next 'favorites' post.)

      Favorite editors list? You got it. It's all about Janie Junebug over here :-) And there are no Kardashins on my like list. Ever.

  2. Chris, I don't crush over celebs much these days. I'd have to say Heidi Klum and Jennifer Anniston as both are my girl crushes. If this these are the ones then bravo, you have good taste. lol Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It looks like we share a common blog buddy, Janie Junebug. ;) I'm now following you. Have a funtastic week!

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for following! You've got two great girl crushes there. I knew someone would suggest them.

      I hope you'll come back for the reveal - then we'll see if you still think I have good taste in famous women ;-)

  3. Katy Perry? does it have anything to do with the huge tits and her candy-themed everything? she seems like she lives in some fantasy land filled with fluffy cupcakes, lollies and giant candy canes.

    besides that gif with her squirting out the cream out of the can? come on. everyone had to have thought of how overly sexual that was.

    Jennifer Lawrence? Taryn Southern (cause you've put her thing a thousand times before). Kristen... Dunst? (Stewart came up but hey, you'd have to have pretty low standards). Heidi Klum? Olivia Wilde? (she is pretty dope and she'd be more on top for me). Beckham came to mind with Victoria but i doubt you'd call Beckham hot. Victoria Katherine Heighl? (she's everywhere). Anna Kendrick is actually pretty so i'd put her on the list. the others i can't even begin to guess and a Google search doesn't help (and i did Google search).

    i'm a rare breed. i don't think i have had a crush on anyone. i would admit that a person is more alluring than the rest but i wouldn't want to actually BE with them. i express no desire to do so. i would be obsessed with someone without having the "i so want to bang them" thoughts. actually, sometimes, i'd be the complete opposite of wanting to be with them. the thought of being with people i stalk actually repulses me. i just like being an observer. i think having a legit crush requires some level of "i wanna be with that person". which i do not have. not even a little.

    comment reply:

    "So Gargee'an is like our Halloween, but with crappier candy?" depends. do you usually sing in Halloween? i hate gum so you won't find me blowing bubbles but sunflower seeds are easy. put it in mouth, crack open, spit out shell and eat the remainder. that's the preferred method, but the other one is to crack them open with your hands. though this takes more time.

    "Percy's pygmy puff look is perfect. And is it me, or does he always have this perplexed look on his face?" perplexed and/or irritated. as Hermione Granger would quote it, "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have" (i.e. to Ron, but we all know all gingers are the same.)

    the thing i fear with the watermelon lolly is that it's not sweet and it's actually a sour lolly with artificial watermelon taste. ew.

    organic white chocolate tastes the same as regular. organic milk chocolate from the same brand? tastes absolutely ruddy terrible. i thought it was soiled for a minute there. though i do have to say Milka Oreo bars are absolutely smashing. Schogetten is a brand of cheap, cheap chocolate, but it does the trick. oh, and this is coming from someone that usually loathes dark chocolate, but their dark chocolate-based ice-cream is actually 100% better than anything milk chocolate they produce. i figured this out with their Tiramisu.

    (i had to cut this comment into two halves)

    1. "Katy Perry? does it have anything to do with the huge tits and her candy-themed everything? she seems like she lives in some fantasy land filled with fluffy cupcakes, lollies and giant candy canes."

      Haha...yes I'm certain that's why he's hot for her. I was being sarcastic with that caption. I do that a lot.

      "Kristen... Dunst? (Stewart came up but hey, you'd have to have pretty low standards)." She's actually a Kirsten, not a Kristen - and she did make a lot of my lists back in the day. And no, it's definitely not Kristen Stewart, either :{

      "Katherine Heighl? (she's everywhere)." Nope, but my ex-gf met her way back in her Roswell days.

      "i think having a legit crush requires some level of "i wanna be with that person". which i do not have. not even a little."

      Oh how I envy you Sam. Celebrity crushes are easy, I don't imagine myself with them - mostly because we don't really know who they are or what they're truly like. But "real life" crushes destroy me. I can't stop myself from letting my mind wander over a certain girl. ::sigh::

  4. "You consumed all that chocolate and lost weight? That settles it. I'm going on the Percy Weasley Fine Chocolate Bar and California Roll Diet."

    actually, i can't lose weight any other way ;). if i eat healthy all day long, i will probably break down and have a colossal carbohydrate binge. if i somehow manage to not eat any junk until the weekend, then that's when it is. ick. i think people associate diet with deprivation. i surely do, and when i eat all this health food all day long, i feel genuinely deprived. you see everyone else eating things that are much tastier than yours and you feel like you're going crazy. my current thing is: eat healthy all day, eat my choco at night. keeps the "oh, i am so sad and deprived and need like a 12 inch pizza to feel any better" feelings. it at least keeps them delayed for like 2-3 weeks, or even a month or so. that's pretty phenomenal for me.

    it /does/ help though that my body does very well with carbs. i went on keto/low-carb/Atkins type diets before, and i actually do not EVEN lose water weight even under the 20g carb limit. and when i break it and eat lots of carbs but under my calories, then somehow, i don't put on any water weight?

    if i overeat my calories with /sugar/, i usually gain very minimal amounts/stay the same so that helps me too. but there's only so much sugary food you can take. i think it's good to know your body and its little quirks so you can pull a switch. ;) though people do tend to know you as /that/ person that eats so much junk food. this one girl that once ate like about 6-8 Krispy Kreme doughnuts told ME to eat a vegetable so i think that says something (but she /did/ give me a doughnut too so i forgive her. oh, and she used to buy me ice-cream cones at 10 in the morning.)

    i will share choco if that she shares her sunflower seeds with me >:/ though on another note, she's looking fuller now and a new one just hatched too! i didn't even catch the egg this time.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. I love making name lists , i have always done it