Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prime Day

My mom offered to buy me a $300 elliptical machine from WalMart.

Instead I got this for $100 on Amazon:

I also purchased two pairs of sneakers. And some Fall Out Boy stuff, and a season of The Simpsons on DVD. And speakers for my desktop computer so I can finally listen to music and Taryn videos ;-P

Total cost (including shipping and warranty) $310.

Once this contraption arrives at my door, I will have to do three things:

  • clean my room and clear enough floor space
  • assemble the contraption (and make sure it works)
  • stop destroying my body with unhealthy foods and drinks

Perhaps I will be ready to begin my fitness journey next month. Or next year. Or never.

And if I don't, well... at least I only wasted $100 :-)



  1. Good luck with the elliptical assemblage. Sounds like you did pretty well. I've been browsing prime deals all day, but I can't anything I can justify spending money on. :/

    1. That seems to be a common complaint, too many of the "deals" are on useless gadgets they couldn't give away. And when something good does come up, you have to grab it quick before it goes. I had that happen with a David Ortiz baseball card last week, and I'm still cursing myself for being ten seconds too slow.

  2. ^ seconding Mich.

    hoping you find the elliptical fun... or as fun as can be. i personally liked it. i binge watched a few seasons of Game of Thrones on it! ours is totalled atm. :( thankfully, i have a gym (and use their ellipticals once in a blue moon because why would i go to the gym for one of those machines when i can go into an exercise class?), but still, it's nice having one at home!

    "stop destroying my body with unhealthy foods and drinks" oi, this one might be a bit difficult. i think i've been trying to do this for about 3 years and i still suck majorly at this.

    i read back your replies! i just... don't have much to say. bad Sam. i'm not very talkative today it seems!


    oh, and if all fails, then let the kids have a bit of a ride on it. my 6 year old baby sister thought they were neat! (she did go backwards tho...)

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Thanks Sam, I am optimistic about the elliptical. I have to be, cause the whole reason my mom offered this was because i couldn't go to a cycle class I really wanted to try. And I have entered a gym exactly twice in the last five years - the first one was a nightmare, the second wasn't too bad and I might have considered joining if it didn't nearly start a war between wifey and I. This seems more agreeable methinks.

      It is so hard to eat healthy, isn't it? At least you exercise. And you're young so I'm guessing your metabolism is faster/more efficient. I was able to eat just about anything and gain minimal weight. Then I turned 30...

      "i read back your replies! i just... don't have much to say. bad Sam. i'm not very talkative today it seems!"

      Ah, no worries mate. You don't have to feel obligated to comment on every post. This one was quite short anyway, since my past posts have been extremely long. I'm trying to work on that. :-)

  3. Yyou should have sent me the money

    1. Ha! Now how would that help me get in shape for summer?

  4. comment reply:

    first, to your comment reply to this one, since i have some to add on: aye, i'm 21. i have a moody metabolism. i can either eat one meal and gain 1lb the next day, or eat enough for a dragon and still manage to lose 0,5lbs. i have no idea how it works, or who has the settings to it, but i think i can eat a fair amount without putting it on aye! though i do have to mention i was a chubby child, and then an obese child (i was 180lbs at the age of 12!), and then i was an obese teenager (i hit 217 at my highest i believe - by the way, i'm short. i recently grew in my late teens and shot up to... 5'2"), and then i lost weight. and accidentally developed an eating disorder. and now, i'm in recovery from that, but i lost a significant amount of weight (i'm one of those people that lost more than 50+) and kept it off. though from recovery, i also lost like an additional 20lbs (i slowly increased my calories, and as my metabolism increased, i dropped the additional baggage. plus, in the height of recovery, i was eating 2,500+ calories a day, which then got old and unsustainable so i dropped it). so now, i am... average/thin? both. sort of on the thinner side of average, but not thin. Merlin, this is annoying.

    now, for the post itself...

    i think for American stuff, it's mostly the candy that gets the attention, i.e. Snickers, Reese's, etc. though during September last year, i was scoffing off Rocky Road Snickers as if it was going out of fashion! (http://www.theimpulsivebuy.com/wordpress/2014/02/24/review-snickers-rockin-nut-road-bar/). i used to eat these buggers with my lunch every single day in university. they cost twice the price of the regular Snickers! for shame.

    Flake is nice. i much prefer Twirls (just about the same chocolate/taste/texture), but the Twirl doesn't fall apart as easily. my mum uses Flakes to decorate cake.

    i didn't really notice Cadbury but Oliver Wood (actually a she, the nicknames i give on my blog don't determine gender, just somewhat personality) got me into it.

    honestly, when quinoa is added into things, i don't really notice unless the quinoa is the main attraction. i'd prefer brown type rice/pasta because the way the starch feels is filling. i actually prefer the brown stuff to the white.

    i have to say i'm glad i saw his Hot Pocket vid. commendable! i might give his other stuff a quick look at!

    i'm the same with water. there's something so enticing about it, but i don't want to be in it. though the dipping-legs-in-water thing is pretty cool.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. No idea how much that goes for. I just buy $20 hula hoops Lol.
    All that matters now is you've got a want and a need all in one! Get a calendar and write how many minutes each day. It'll remind and motivate you!

  6. This is for first year to shop on Prime Day. I ordered a Roomba, a small tablet, a GPS, and a scan disk and spent $300. The Roomba alone would normally cost more than 300. I feel as if I've gotten away with something.