Monday, July 25, 2016

The Weakend

Hi there! How was your weekend?  

I pretty much wasted my Saturday attempting to installate the elliptical by myself. After about an hour of screwing and unscrewing the same bolts I got frustrated with it and buried it in my upstairs closet. Here's hoping I forget all about it.

Spent some much-needed quality time with the family. Went to the library so the girls could pick out some books for summer reading. After the girls went to sleep I watched The Big Short with the wife. She fell asleep halfway though. I thought it was interesting.

Sunday I had the house to myself for the first time in two months. Its very likely I would have checked in with MFG - but the Baseball Hall Of Fame induction ceremony saved me. Mike Piazza's speech was amazing. Ken Griffey Jr. was one hell of a ballplayer, maybe the best in my lifetime. But he is just not a good public speaker. Which is refreshing in a way. 

After that ended I did some yard work, cleaned the living room, and watched a couple Taryn videos. One of these days I'm gonna figure out how to watch YouTube on my TV so I can bingewatch her channel. Maybe on my birthday :-)

I was just about to make my blogroll rounds when my mom called to inform me that my sister is moving back to Florida. That's kind of a bummer, I guess. I'm not particularly close with her. My mom is planning a going away party for her when I visit CT in August. And we might be going to Mystic, maybe. It was an idea I had months ago, and it's been on-again, off-again ever since. Now it sounds like it's on again. But there's still time for the plans to fall through (again).

Also my wife has a smartphone now. I have no need for one, but it might come in handy if we do go to Mystic.


  1. Being home alone.....better than psychotherapy

    1. Cheaper, too. But harder to obtain ;-}

  2. You've been busy. Maybe you accomplish more than you think you do.


    1. I'd like to think so, but I can also be very lazy at times. And I'll never do more than my wife (or my mother) so I'll never do enough.

    2. Willy Dunne Wooters is very intelligent, but he can't assemble things. Once he bought a piece of furniture that had to be put together. I found him after about half an hour, asleep on the bed with the instruction book in his little hands. I called my son. He came over and put it together without even looking at the instructions.

  3. i shouldn't be laughing at your elliptical troubles, but i'm a terrible person and i will laugh. bad Sam.

    the girls do summer reading? wait, they are only 4/6. ah, enjoy these days because i bet you that they'll probably be putting up a fuss when it comes to studying much later on.

    when /is/ your birthday?

    you do have a busy life now, don't you? it's interesting seeing glimpses here and there though. hope you get another day for yourself soon! sounds like it's been harder for you to get some time for yourself the past few weeks. xxx

    take care. :) hope you enjoy the going away party!

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Nah you're not terrible. It is laughable how inept I am at assembling things. I lack patience and comprehension of manuals, and trying to by sight/feel rarely works.

      My girls love to read-at night, before bed. During the day they're all about Shopkins and SpongeBob. But yes my 6 year old has a summer reading list.

      My birthday is Aug. 12. I've rarely been able to celebrate on my own; my sister's ex-husband was Aug 11 and my (wife's) niece is Aug 8 (or 9, not sure). 12 is our lucky number, my wife & kids have 12's in their bdays as well.

      It has been a busy couple months, from about mid-May to now. I've got one more week of peace before the bday weekends. Then maybe another week or two of peace before school starts again (!!)