Monday, November 28, 2016

My heart is like a stallion. They love it more when it's broken.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope you all enjoyed your meals, your family... or at least your four day weekend.

I'm thankful for all of the thoughtful and encouraging words you guys left on my last blog post. Jennifer, Mich, Stephen, Sammy, Janie, Mr. are all greatly appreciated. I wanted to respond individually but this past week was a mess. 

I took Monday off but my wife had to work all I watched the girls from 7am to 7pm. I got out early on Wednesday.. but my wife didn't. So I had no blogging time then, either. I got caught up in sports card-related Black Friday sales and didn't finish that until Saturday night. Sunday was going to be my blogging day...but the fam and I went to some winter festival thingy downtown, where they have Christmas things and free food and whatnot. We were there for two hours, and ended up at the in-laws until 8pm.

Next week isn't any better. My daughter's 7th birthday will be celebrated on Saturday (family party) and Sunday (friends party). And then the weekend after, I'm going to visit my family in CT for at least one day - and perhaps as many as three days. Here's hoping I can catch up on blogging by Friday afternoon :/

I haven't watched TV since the election. Okay, that's not entirely true. I watch if someone else has turned it on, but I have not turned on the TV myself in 3 weeks. Haven't read the newspaper, either. Full media blackout. I'm going back to not giving a shit about politics or world events like I did when I was a teenager.

This might decrease my day-to-day stress (I have been going to bed earlier) but it means that the only news I hear is whatever my in-laws decide to discuss... or if my wife has the news on in the background. I heard about Fidel Castro's death are we going to celebrate like that when our dictator dies? and I read that Hillary Clinton co-signed on Jill Stein's push to recount votes in key 'tipping point' states like Wisconsin. 

Lemme tell you why that's a terrible idea... with hockey analogies. 

In 1999, the Dallas Stars defeated the Buffalo Sabres and won the Stanley Cup. Stars star Brett Hull scored the winning goal. The players celebrated, the fans celebrated, handshakes and hardware were handed out. And while the triumphant Stars passed around Lord Stanley's Mug the dejected Sabres staggered to the locker room and got a look at the replay. Wait a sec...Hull's skate was in the crease. That goal shouldn't have counted!

Too late now. What are you going to do, take the Cup away from Dallas and order the players back onto the ice? You can't reverse the results of the election now, it would be more chaotic than the original clusterf*ck election of 2000.  

It's over. We lost. Did your ass get enough wings?

A much more likely scenario would be this: 

When a goal is scored (one that doesn't decide the Stanley Cup champion) the players celebrate and the fans cheer. The opposing team might call upon the referee to review it. Was the scorer's skate in the crease? Was the puck touched with a high stick? Was there goaltender interference? 

When there is no infraction, the referee announces his findings to the fans and declares a "good goal". Then the fans and players get to celebrate again. 

Do we really need to hear all the talking heads make sexist comments about the "sore losers"? Do we really want Donald Trump to be declared the winner twiceNo thanks.

A short time ago, I asked my wife if she would want to know about my new 'celebrity crush' or not... she didn't seem to mind, and told me I could just say that I like someone. I explained that "I didn't want you think I was crushing on some random blogger girl." 

So I told her about Taryn Southern. After a brief sidebar about how similar our names sound - and how often people are tempted to spell mine with an 'o' - she asked me what Taryn does. "Good question." I replied, as I can't quite explain it myself. Apparently Taryn has been asked that same question of herself, and here is how she answered it:
I always have a hard time explaining to people what I do, but it’s best summed up by a term John Green coined – I’m an “internetainerpreneur.”

She described herself by quoting John Green.

I frickin love this woman.

As for that 'random blogger crush' that I definitely don't have anymore... I checked her Instagram over the weekend, and saw that she is advertising her (company's) products there. Didn't check her Tumblr since she hasn't posted there in a while and I didn't have it pinned to my start page.

My first thought was it's about time.
My second thought was ...annnd we're done here.

I think I mentioned a while back that in order for me to successfully and completely get over a crush I need two things: a new crush (check) and an ending to the story of the previous crush. That could be an engagement announcement, a new job, or some other major life event. She's got a job and a boyfriend, and she's not sharing anything personal anymore. That's all I needed to know.

That night I had a dream about her. She was either on a Big Brother type show, or taking social media sharing to the next level. There was a camera perched at the top of a long wooden staircase, and through that angle I watched as she sat cross-legged on the couch, reading a book. Then she got up and did a few of those exercises where you hit the floor in a push-up stance and then spring up to your feet as quick as you can. (What the heck are those called, anyway?) Then she paced around the room while eating an apple.

As I started to awaken and contemplate just what the heck that was all about.. I heard her voice in my head: You're not done with me yet.

Yes I am.



  1. I'll be your new celebrity crush. I'm only about two or three decades older than you are and not exactly a celebrity, but I can promise your wife won't be jealous. Willy Dunne Wooters and I have given up on the news, too. It's good that you do family stuff. It's more important than blogging.


    1. Oh you don't me crushing on you. I have no filter, and I go on and on about my crush forever and ever and ever. Ask anyone.

      Unfortunately my wife doesn't get jealous of anything anymore. it's better than the opposite extreme, where she was when we first started dating :/

      The family stuff takes up all my weekends, late evenings after they go to bed is pretty much my only time to blog, read, comment, e-mail, etc...which reminds me I think I owe you a reply...

  2. Happy seventh birthday to your lovely daughter.

  3. I'm trying to avoid the news, too, but I'll have to quit using Facebook if I want to completely avoid politics. I'm feeling slightly traumatized by this election.

    My Thanksgiving was the worst. I've been sick and I work retail, which meant Black Friday crap. The whole holiday season sucks if you're in retail. I'm hoping this will be my last Christmas at a job I despise.

    I hope you enjoy your little girl's party. Kids grow up so fast that they only seem to be little for a minute. Savor each moment!

    1. Facebook will take years off your life..retail jobs, too. Not sure which one is harder to quit, but I hope you don't have to endure another Black Friday.

      I will try to enjoy the parties but it will be tough; on Saturday I'll be surrounded by people I don't like and on Sunday I'll be surrounded by people I don't know. It's not about me it? :)

  4. I listened to the song at the end all the way through and I enjoyed it. Does your wife have similar crushes? Does she pine for Justin Bieber or perhaps Donald Trump Junior? It is a weird world we live in when unattainable media-spawned celebrities can claim big chunks of our hearts. Happy birthday to your seven year old girl. I hope she isn't called Taryn, Miley or even Dolly.

    1. You did? That's so good to hear, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I post a lot of videos but I'm never sure if anyone bothers to listen/watch. my wife does not like any Trump, or Bieber - thank God. However she is obsessed with the band Muse. It's all she talks about, far more than I talk about Taryn. I like Muse, too. A lot actually. But I'm not spending hours on Twitter chatting with fellow fans, or making a customized calendar of them on Shutterfly (not sure how the Mrs. would feel about me making my very own Taryn Southern calendar.. but I'm enjoying the thought)

      "It is a weird world we live in when unattainable media-spawned celebrities can claim big chunks of our hearts." Absolutely. I have so many unfinished thoughts on celebrity culture, social media obsessions, and all of that. it seems like I talk around the point I'm trying to make but rarely hit the bulls-eye.

      Thanks for the bday wishes to my daughter. She does not share her name with any trendy celebrity..I can only think of one 80's-era actress who shares her name. I've always done my best to use names that don't instantly remind one of someone else - even in the stories I used to write, my characters were named Leah, Amber, Melanie, etc... no Mileys or Hillarys or Beyonces haha.