Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We'll be okay. Lisa Simpson will save us.

I had planned to do the A to Z blogging challenge in April, but not anymore. I had a dope theme picked out - animated shows. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Archer, Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants... and of course The Simpsons.

It's been a rough week for me. The election results were disappointing, to say the very least. I could spill my own personal thoughts here but I really don't have the energy anymore. All say is this: Pennsylvania, you're dead to me. No more cheese steaks, no more Hershey bars. No more... whatever Pittsburgh does. And don't get me started on Wisconsin. Cheese head wearin' mother f...

Anyway, I promised I wasn't going to discuss the election - or the personal hell that my (wife's) family has put me through since last Tuesday. Don't want to talk about that. Too traumatic. Retail therapy ensued, though I won't get my goodies for another few days.

Sometimes I really dislike internet shopping. I prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores - especially around Christmas time - but they rarely have stuff I like. I have very specific and eclectic interests - not a gadget guy or a fashion guy or a handyman. I'm more of a 'buy an almond crunch pretzel and walk around the mall for an hour' guy.

The leaves are finally falling from the trees and there's a crisp chill in the air, especially at night. For as long as I can remember I've always loved that first sign of winter, the smell of hickory. Sweater weather. Hot chocolate, fresh baked bread, flannel pajamas... curling up on the couch with your sweetheart, falling asleep with a warm blanket (or a dog/cat) on your lap...

But those things are just fantasies for me. And so it's much harder to enjoy the simple pleasures of the changing seasons. The holidays are not pleasant, they are not enjoyable. They're six weeks of stress, financial and emotional. My brother makes a lobster pot every Christmas eve. I haven't had it in years. I'm stuck with the in-laws and their overcooked ham/turkey, artichoke crap, deviled eggs, and generic store brand soft drinks. (As an added bonus I get to hear regurgitated Fox News bullshirt about the "war on Christmas") Sigh... no wonder I spend so much time sleeping and dreaming.

Which reminds me... My (former) Favorite Girl resurfaced. She'd been suffering through some more health problems (poor thing) and apparenlty quit her job to become a sales rep for one of those Multilevel Marketing schemes recently discussed on John Oliver's show. I'm disappointed. That girl has sooo much potential, so many talents. I hope she doesn't regret this.
I've always wondered about her political leanings, because she never publicizes her thoughts (another reason why I <3 her) I know she's an Evangelical Christian, and four years ago - before I knew her - she said she disliked President Obama (-3 points) but once the 2012 election was over she was saddened by how politics makes friends and neighbors turn on each other so quickly and wished we could be more civil and understanding of those on the other side (+2 points). I think she also mentioned her parents are strict conservatives (-1 point) but that she's more center-right (+2 points.)

Can't imagine which candidate she supported in this election - and tbh I probably don't want to know. But she posted this the morning after the election:

It's soooo much harder to do that when surrounded by people who treat you with contempt and derision, but I admire anyone who has the ability to project such kindness. 

I need people like her in my life. Right now I only have Mom, and she's not going to be around much longer. What will become of me then?



  1. Chris, I wanted to respond privately to the comment you left on my going-away-for-a-while post, but I couldn't find your email address even though I know I emailed you before about setting up the followers widget.


    1. I sent you an e-mail. You should have it now :-)

  2. What about suggesting doing Christmas at home this year? Maybe go to the in-laws for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day instead, and you and your wife and kids can do your own Christmas. It seems like you never get a say in family activities. Put your foot down!! <3

    1. It's a good thought, but it wont happen this year. I'll keep it in mind for next year though, especially since there's a new baby in the fam and my mom is in failing health. I was able to go home 4 or 5 times when my aunt was dying, and I will definitely want to spend as many holidays with Mom as I can. I think wifey will understand.

      Also...where the feck have you been? Hope you're okay ;0

    2. I'm lurking. Things are........ meh.

  3. The holidays can be stressful, especially with many of us still reeling over the election.

    1. Unfortunately I'm the only one reeling in my family. The in-laws are all celebrating - and they wont shut up about it :/

  4. I don't plan to spend the holidays with my family this year - the election was the icing on the cake.

    1. I hope you're able to follow through on that plan. I wish I could stay home or escape the family somehow. Maybe I can sneak away to my Mom's in CT - she's declared her house a "No Trump Zone" haha. I told her to make signs and sell them for $5. I'd buy one :-)

  5. holidays are face-paced, heavy breathing, running headfirst into a wall, blood pressure rings... this year i will try my hardest to slow down, unwind, savor, look around, smell, have pleasantries with strangers, do all things with kindness. why not?

    1. Isn't it sad that the holidays are one giant stressball, no matter if you're prepping the meals and hosting the gatherings or you're just an unwilling participant (like me) I thought we were supposed to enjoy this time of year?

      I do hope you're able to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the holiday season.

    2. p.s. you look familiar, 'miss east'... i think i might have known you in a past blogging life ;D

  6. i still vouch you do the A to Z challenge in April. can't let the hard work go to waste, aye?

    i haven't watched that ep. God, i got so excited opening it and hearing them talk - it's really been a while! i love that i actually opened to see this vid.

    i don't think there's anyone i know that isn't disappointed by the results. honestly, i don't know why but i don't /hate/ Trump. i don't like him, but that doesn't mean i loathe the lad. though i knew even before the election that he was going to win. i don't know why but i had this feeling in my stomach.

    it's just... good luck, lads is all i can say.

    retail therapy is always the best kind of therapy. i should buy some things for myself now that you mention it!

    you say winter but here, we don't have a winter. well, we do but it's relatively mild. i'm sat with a cardigan and my AC is still full blast. it's 80 degrees F here and this is considered "the weather is cooling down." our winter averages to be a 62 normally and our summers are about a 100F on a typical day. they said that we got 52F as a low last year, and i'm willing to believe that. (yes, i converted that from Celsius, as i do not use Farenheit).

    if Christmas is boring, you really should do something to make it more exciting. our holidays are always boring here, but last time we went out, i did enjoy myself. if you aren't having a blast, chances are your family could do for a change too!

    hope you somehow manage a relaxing holiday!

    though i've never had stressful holidays... *shudders* in Eid, we give out money. none of this gift giving and none of these inane expectations. and our big feast is not at dinner, it's at lunch. which we follow with loads of sweets and tea. and a nap for my father, whom cannot take on all the carbohydrate dense food without having to doze off.

    that... that doesn't sound right. sounds like she's in a bit of a rut, but i hope she finds her way out! nobody in the world should settle for being a sales rep. i believe that people can do whatever they set their minds to, it's just a matter of the mind setting. honestly, i believe anyone could be a doctor or a pilot or president (evident by the election) but not everyone SHOULD be a doctor or a pilot or president.

    so adding those up, that makes it a neutral, aye?

    (continue into next comment... yes. this is a thing.)

  7. that's so cute. i love seeing such things.

    "It's soooo much harder to do that when surrounded by people who treat you with contempt and derision, but I admire anyone who has the ability to project such kindness." it's true, but honestly, in my opinion, if you're able to just be happy and smile at someone, they typically do smile back. i don't know why but being a happy person, being the kind that is calm even when everyone else isn't, is a quality that i love because it calms others down and it makes them feel good too. i don't just do it for myself. i do it because i don't like to be like everyone else. i don't like the feeling that i am fitting the mould. if you fit in the mould, how can you make an impact on anyone else's life? how can you make someone see things in a different way?

    i am happy not only because i choose to be, i am happy because i want people to be happy too. and honestly, it's infectious to see someone that seems content with everything or are grateful for the smallest things. it really is. if people seem too cold or too idiotic or too selfish, then change the way you view them. that's how i do it anyway. make the smalles thing someone does for kindness a miracle. it's so easy to find a reason to hate people, but it's so easy to find reasons to embrace humanity. honestly, today, i am just happy i have a roof over my head and a functioning body and that i am able to move it aroudn as i please. because maybe an hour or a year or ten, i might not have these things.

    i think you just need to make yourself into that person that consoles you. if you're displeased with something, change it. it's just the way things are. it sounds easier said than done and it is. many things are difficult but many things are also worth it!

    hope i didn't offend you. don't quite have the capacity to reread all the globbedyglok i've written for ya, mate. hope that some of it made you smile and hope that something rung with you (even if it's just the fact that we don't have a real winter, or autumn, or spring... it's more or less a fluctuating summer and a mild 'winter' here.)

    -Sam Lupin

    1. First of all, I love your giant two-part comment. Just be careful not to make the third part into two parts like all of those YA "trilogies" haha :)

      Second, you should e-mail me: sutherlandct (at) gmail (dot) com. anyone else reading this is free to do so as well.

      Third (am I really going to number all my thoughts?) I didn't actually write any A to Z posts yet, so no hard work wasted. Perhaps if things simmer down by then and I can tolerate certain people (or more specifically they can tolerate us) then I'll re-reconsider.

      Fourth (yep, I'm going to number all my thoughts) I've seen all 600+ episodes of The Simpsons, except maybe a few recent ones. There are two things I've loved for nearly my whole life: The Simpsons and baseball. If I ever got a tattoo (which I wont) it would be of Homer hitting a homer, just because those are things I know I'll always love.

      Fifth (is this annoying yet?) My fave girl had been off social media for a looong time, so I know I'm missing the whole story about why she quit her job (and what job she had in the first place) to do sales. I know she can do anything she sets her mind to (whereas I am extremely limited) but without knowing the circumstances I cant say for sure. I am a bit surprised that she's not using social media more since she was always advertising products when she wasn't being paid for it. (edit: apparently she's using Facebook for that but not Twitter/Insta/etc.)

      Ugh...I dont know why I still write about this girl. I enjoy it, but I know it makes me sound obsessed - and I'm really not. I just don't know what else to write about at the moment.

      "so adding those up, that makes it a neutral, aye?" Exactly! See, I can definitely accept someone whose opinions/beliefs/background differs from mine, as long as they're respectful to everyone. Sadly, that's much too difficult to find in my personal life and nearly impossible to find online.

      Sixth (last one, I swear) "hope i didn't offend you. don't quite have the capacity to reread all the globbedyglok i've written for ya, mate. hope that some of it made you smile and hope that something rung with you (even if it's just the fact that we don't have a real winter, or autumn, or spring... it's more or less a fluctuating summer and a mild 'winter' here.)"

      Oh Sam, you know I always appreciate your comments. Your kind words and advice are very helpful and always make me think (and smile) so thank you! I know how it feels to wonder/worry how comments will be interpreted but I assure you your 'gobbledygook' didn't offend me in the slightest.

      Hope you're enjoying your weekend :-)