Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Party Fun Times

My oldest daughter turned seven on Sunday. She had two parties on the weekend - one with her family and one with her friends. The family party was Saturday, and it was fairly painless for once. My wife's sister (and her husband) weren't there, and her older brother's kids weren't there. One of her aunts wasn't there, either - apparently her dog got sick or something. Since only half the fam was there (and the ones in attendance weren't being overly annoying) I actually spend a decent amount of time with them. I also called my mom and got my nap in because they are still the in-laws after all.

My in-laws had apparently ordered a pizza, but it was gone before we got there. There were tuna subs and cold cut trio subs waiting for us though. And bottles of Coke that expired in July 2015. (D's parents always have expired food lying around.) 

When we first arrived, my mother-in-law handed out small gifts from her trip to Chicago.  D got a pin from the Hard Rock Cafe, which was obviously different from the one I got her when I went to Chicago 12 years ago. She forgot to buy her other daughter a shot glass. She didn't get anything for me - and I wasn't expecting anything, but I immediately kicked myself for not requesting Cubs World Series swag.

Daughter got way too many birthday gifts, and the girls ate way too much dessert. Sunday was the party at The Little Gym, where my girls have been going since my oldest was two. She stopped going over a year ago, and the gym we took them to moved from the next town over to the town where I work, about 20 minutes away. She had never been to this one; it just opened about a month ago.

My wife had accumulated years worth of rewards points - a program the gym stopped some time ago. One of the girls that runs the place has known us forever, and she made sure the staff honored our points. That pretty much paid for the party, except pizza and tips.

Sixteen of her closest friends showed up. One of them - a rambunctious little thing (and the star of our arch-rival red team) burst through the gym doors at 3:58pm even though she had been asked to wait until 4. All the other girls followed closely, and the instructors had to scramble to catch up. 

My four year old never gets invited to the big girl parties. Now that she was finally able to join in the fun, she was too scared. She only went inside the gym if mommy or daddy went with her. She didn't participate in the group activities and spent most of the 'play hour' in the lobby with her grandpa, occasionally stealing mouthfuls of popcorn from the party room.

After the party was well underway, my wife began to suss out who hadn't showed. Her two best friends didn't show, and neither did the girl who lives on our street. She did show up, a half hour late, with her father. The girl's parents are divorced and my wife gets a bad vibe from him. He didn't really saying except hello (to me). His daughter ran right in the gym, almost collided with my daughter, and didn't even say hello (to her). Not really sure what's going on with them. 

When play time ended it was time for pizza and cake. All of the moms gossiped in the lobby, away from the food. The three or four dads (not including Pop and I) ate pizza in the party room. One guy saw my Red Sox hat and introduced himself - with the same story he told me a month ago at another girl's birthday party. I was too polite to tell him we had met at the movie theater. 

We're everywhere. Even in Jersey.

I looked out into the hall and saw one mom eating pizza. I was about to tell wifey that the one mom who isn't 'watching her figure' is my new best friend. But apparently there were three moms who were eating. Out of about a dozen.

There were plenty of leftovers and bags of presents to take home. My seven year old had a blast opening all of the very generous gifts. We got a text message from one of the moms who didn't bring their daughter to our party. She was very sick, but had bought a gift and will bring it to school. The other girl had made last-minute plans for The Polar Express. No biggie, there were plenty of girls and plenty of gifts, and my daughter didn't seem to mind. 

Last night my wife gave her another present bag, but she did not seem grateful. An arts-and-crafts set and some clothes just aren't as much fun as Shopkins or Happy Places or whatever other toys she had opened the day before. I actually think she got gift fatigue - which she had better snap out of before we visit my family this coming weekend.

My mom has already planned to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with the girls. And my nephew will be so proud to know that my seven year old is now collecting Garbage Pail Kids - something we both did at that age. I bought her a box at Target and we opened it before her party. I even let her pick out a few originals from the 1980's which will arrive soon (you can read all about our GPK purchases on my collecting blog.) 

While I was looking up some of the sticker cards we got in her box, I learned that there was a special Oscars edition set released online - which included these Jennifer Lawrence stickers:

I'm not sure if I really, really want these or I don't want them at all - but the first one is sold out on the site I buy from (which is shown in the watermark.)

It's actually been quite a while since I've seen any J-Law flicks. I still haven't seen Joy (too busy obsessing over the other Joy, perhaps?) but I will try to watch it sometime soon - before all of my TV shows come back from winter break.

I definitely want to see Passengers

Was I interested in the space-travel movie with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock? No.

Was I interested in the space-travel movie with Matt Damon? Nope.

Am I going to see the space-travel movie with Jennifer Lawrence? 

First chance I get. I'd pay $10 to watch that woman paint a house. 





  1. That sounds like an awfully big party and a lot of excitement for an 8 year old. I'd be overwhelmed with it at my age!

  2. WOW! Never attempted anything like this when our boy was small.

  3. I think your daughter might be on celebration overload. Joy isn't a great movie, but I liked it anyway because I'm in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She's a great actress, and she's so damn adorable.