Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We're the new face of failure. Prettier and younger, but not any better off.

I did not get the receptionist job. I already knew I didn't, but...

Work was particularly stressful today. I got in an argument with a really nasty debtor, which actually only happens about once every six months. I wish life had an 'eject' button.

Before I even sat down this morning Work Mom stopped me and wordlessly asked if I had heard from the place I applied to. I shook my head and continued to my desk, but she kept at it. She tried to convince me to call them, follow up, be aggressive. I saw no point to it - until I had to deal with that damn debtor.

And so, around 4pm this afternoon, I called the place. I asked for the person who interviewed me. Instead I got the receptionist. 

She asked me what this call was regarding, and as I started to tell her that I was following up on the receptionist job it occurred to me... oh, shit. Nevermind.

She told me she took the position yesterday. So that's cool.

Then, shortly after I made that phone call I smelled something awful downstairs. My four year old (who has been toilet trained for at least six months) failed to reach the bathroom in time. I had to clean up after her not once but twice - because she made an even bigger mess not twenty minutes later.

A little on the nose, eh, God?

I usually play this song when I'm pining away for a girl..but now I'm just pining away for an escape. Also, I usually play the original Smiths version but I'm feeling the Deftones cover right now.

I'm going to try very hard to comment on blogs tomorrow. Unless the universe wants to f*ck with me some more.




  1. That sucks. Maybe the four year old had an upset tummy?


    1. I think she was just holding it in. She gets distracted easily and forgets to go - or she's too far away to make it.

  2. Sounds like you're not living in harmony with the universe. I hope things improve for you. I'm now retired but it might interest you to know that I never landed a job I was qualified to do. I usually faked it until I knew what I was doing. Of course I never performed surgery. Take care.

    1. I'm definitely not one with the universe right now. Not sure if I've ever been. And I dont think I'm qualified for the job I have. Half the reason why I feel such an urgency to find a new job is the persistent fear that one day my bosses find out just how much I'm 'faking it' at this one haha.

  3. prettier and younger you say?? i check for younger, but not prettier. my mother is bloody gorgeous.

    "I got in an argument with a really nasty debtor, which actually only happens about once every six months" the bloody icing on the tombstone, isn't it?

    "My four year old (who has been toilet trained for at least six months) failed to reach the bathroom in time" the joys of parenthood.

    honestly, this really doesn't sound like your week. :/ sorry for that. i hope that somehow, you end up with a little bit of a miracle soon. sometimes, you just need that one thing to change everything... hope you get by that soon! <3

    keeping my fingers crossed xx

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Yeah, the "prettier and younger" part doesn't really apply to me, either. Just the failure part ;)

      I've realized that the best I can hope for in my life is not a big miracle (getting a new job, Clinton beating Trump) or even a small one (Packers in the Super Bowl), but the lack of any real difficulty. If I can get through a day without something going wrong I consider it a good day.

      I've had two good days in a row... but I have to back to work tomorrow, so that streak will likely end :/

  4. comment reply:

    wait, wait, you're apologising to me? barely ever here /me/ about being a craptastic blogger?

    trust me. i am not doing anything stressful or taxing either. i'm just following a doctor and seeing what he's doing for the most part. though there is the stressful thing of receiving multiple questions that i do not know how to answer. and cannot even dream of being able to answer.

    "I don't know what this surgery you're considering is, unless it's to fix sagging skin after a significant weight loss? That doesn't sound right though, you're much too young and thin." <- that is the gist of it. but it's non-invasive because they have new ways of doing it via machines (e.g. radio frequency, lasers, etc.) honestly, you can't tell if you look at me. i look positively normal, but the feel of my skin is not. compared to everyone else's. i've touched women that were twice/thrice my weight and their skin doesn't have the same silken tofu like consistency that mine does. and i have been going to the gym regularly for 3 years. so really, my body should theoretically be less gelatin-like than an inactive person (but it's rather the opposite). but there is no surgery involved. just a laser. something like laser hair removal? trust me. if i was going under the knife, i would not be as ecstatic. more scared to death.

    though i still have a slight bit to lose (by my standards). for my hip measurements. which is a US 6? (bear in mind, i do UK sizing.) i would like to come down to around a US 4. there goes my aspirations of being a size 0 but as someone that /barely/ finds a US 2 here, i do not want to be a size 0. i've had friends that are size 0's, and they have to shop in a handful of stores because they can't find pants that fit them.

    "Also don't know who Fleur Delacour is, but she is lovely, fit...and fictional." and she's Percy's Zumba and Body Pump instructor. *dies*

    honestly, i still believe you aren't old until you hit 80. and according to your description thing, you're in your thirties. there is no way you are old. no way. maybe when i was 12, i would consider you old, but honestly, you aren't.

    "They're probably about 20 years away from including a Muslim character..but we're getting there." this made me laugh. so much.

    "On a more positive note, my seven year old has started to read Harry Potter as a bedtime story. And she loves it!" this is adorable! this is the best part of the comment aye!

    -Sam Lupin