Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Books I Need To Read

I haven't had time to read a book in at least two years, and the pile of unread books on my shelf is growing. A few weeks ago I received a book from Matt Shifley (aka Mr. Shife) author of the blog Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy - and the book of the same name. (Thanks again, Matt!)

I'd have started reading this book already if I weren't sick for three weeks, or if my wife ever took both of the kids out of the house at the same time, or if they ever went to bed before I do. I used to walk to the library and read, or read on long car rides to the beach or my mother's in Connecticut. 

Maybe I'll start reading it next time I visit my family, which should be in a month or two. I'd like to start reading it sooner, but my book reading record has not been good lately. In addition to Matt's book, I have five other books sitting on my shelf that I have not even started to read:

I got this one after reading "Hate List" by Jennifer Brown. Not surprised that I needed some time before reading my next 'school shooting' novel, but I think it's been long enough.

I bought this when I was on a "sick-lit" bender. (Likely during the time I was attempting my own novel.)

This is the only thing John Green has written that I haven't read yet (although I feel like I might have started reading it some winters ago?) It may be wise of me to save it for another year or two since John might never publish another book again.

 Speaking of John Green...

This is the story of Esther Earl, the real-life Hazel Grace Lancaster. I bought this book after The Fault In Our Stars movie was released.. and while I've seen TFIOS at least five times, I have not read a single page of this, including John's introduction. Shame on me.

But the one book that I've left unread the longest by far is this biography of baseball legend Sandy Koufax.

I bought this at an indie bookstore in Mystic, Connecticut. Or Old Saybrook, Connecticut. or maybe it was Salem, Mass. I dunno..I'm pretty sure it was in New England though. I've had this book for so long I couldn't even remember when I bought it, and so I opened it up just now to find the publishing date. There were a couple of clues tucked inside the front  cover:

That can't be right, I know this book is older than 2008. I think maybe I hid this so my family wouldn't make me go to my commencement. I didn't know anybody anyway (except Angela - and she only counts in my dreams.)

Here's the second clue...

Tickets from the Devils 2002-03 season. The shiny one was inside the front cover, the boring Ticketmaster one was somewhere in the middle of the book. These definitely make great bookmarks - but I don't know why I stuffed so many things into a book I've never read. 

Maybe I did read it... or some of it, at least. I've always said to myself that I'll read this Koufax bio one day. Apparently I've been saying that for fourteen years.

How many books are on your 'To Read' pile? How long have they been sitting on your shelf, or in your queue?




  1. I need to make more time for reading but something always comes up to distract me.

  2. I just finished an awesome book that you might like. It's called We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart.

    Do you have a kindle? I finally got around to joining a library and they have tons of books you can borrow on an e-reader. I don't have a ton of time for reading either, but the kindle definitely makes it easier.

  3. Are you a Roman Catholic? If you are you should go to confession and admit to the priest that you have been neglecting the reading habit. He will absolve you.

  4. i always have books on my shelf i need to read but i have lots of time, right? i'm a fish with reading, i read a fucking lot. although, i did find that after i had my son it was harder to find as much time, i was too tired to read before bed and i went months without reading much at all. so of course, i joined a book club which kinda MAKES me read. it's also nice to get out of the house and talk to people who like to read as much as me... and, as if by magic i have somehow found time to read! there was always time, i just didn't want to use it to read. now i do. whether it's 30 min on my lunch the days i work, a little bit before bed, or first thing in the morning, i find it, it's there chris, i promise!

    i just finished reading A Man Called Ove, it was decent (it was the bookclub book). i'm reading Odd Thomas now just for pleasure and also Dollhouse which is my book club book.

    oh you know what else really helped me organize my shit? goodreads! it's great, you should join and become my friend :) yeah, i'm still around... for some reason blogs never stick for me these days, you know.

    ps. i'm madly in love with john green and that is the only book i havent read of his either. let me know how it is when you get the chance to read it.

  5. I probably have twenty or even thirty books on my TBR shelf. Some of them have been waiting for seven and a half years or so, but I read all the time. I carry a book in my messenger bag and read while I wait for appointments or while I'm eating in a restaurant. I read multiple books at the same time with a book for every room of my house. It's harder for you because you have young children. This, too, shall pass.


  6. i don't even remember the last book i finished. actually, wait i do. and i say finished because i recently started a book, but i didn't finish it. it'll be nice to go back to reading though.

    that book sounds entertaining.

    i read a lot of fanfiction unfortunately. so much so i barely have time for actual books. that's weird, isn't it?

    this is interesting. your book list. i don't know if it's what i expected or not. then again, i don't really expect anything of anyone.

    "I don't know why I stuffed so many things into a book I've never read." i don't know why but that made me smile a lot.

    i don't have any particular books. actually, that's a lie. i have a lot of books in mind now that you ask. starting with books 'i'm supposed to read' and ending with one of Sophia Kinsella's beautiful romantic comedies (i love love romantic comedies. i will actually read anything that's mildly tacky.) now, i have a feeling that i should reread the Becky Bloomwood series.

    -Sam Lupin

  7. I'm reading a terrific Muhammad Ali bio and have three books waiting on my desk, two more on their way from Amazon. I never catch up. I usually rotate between a sports related book and an historical novel or president's bio.

    The Koufax book is outstanding btw. Get to it asap.

  8. I'm looking into buying 'this is where it ends'.
    If the book doesn't catch me quick I can't finish it. I can probably count on my hands how many chapter books I've read....

  9. You are welcome, Chris. I hope you enjoy it, and it was my pleasure to be able to send it to you.