Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Love Day!

It's Valentine's Day. The ladies at work are dressed in red, and I'm drinking red and black Monster through a pink straw. (I'd take a pic if I had a decent phone.)

Like everything else these days, it seems that everyone either loves this holiday or hates it. I'm not enthusiastic nor jaded, I just feel sort of melancholy. D and I have been married for like a dozen years, we're poor, and we have two young children, so a romantic dinner date ain't happening. I'm still obligated to buy her a heart-shaped box of candy, but she doesn't necessarily care if I do so today (for full price) or on the 16th (for 80% off).

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a crush on this very tall blonde senior girl who looked a lot like Uma Thurman. (I actually had a thing for two girls named Liz, and so I referred to this one as "Uma Liz")   

Uma Liz was waaaay out of my league and I knew it... but that didn't stop me from chasing her down in the hallway and handing her a Valentine's Day card. She seemed to appreciate the gesture, and I walked away satisfied. If she did laugh as she ripped up the card and threw it in the garbage, at least she was nice enough to wait until I was out of sight. 

I probably have other random V-Day memories stored somewhere but I'm at work right now so I can't brain at the moment. Instead, I will share one of my favorite love songs with you guys. I can't play it for my wife, she hates Snow Patrol.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Chris! I hope your wife shows you lots of love today! 💕💖❤💕💕

  2. In my high school, you could send your friends flowers that would be delivered to them in class. Valentine's Day senior year, my friends and I sent red roses to a bunch of the more annoying I'M-SO-MANLY-IT-HURTS jocks, all of them addressed from one of their other jock friends. It was thoroughly amusing.

    1. I love it! Money well spent, I imagine! 😂

  3. Maybe Uma Liz thought you were sweet, as does Taryn. The days of being poor and having young kids will pass. My kids are 30 and 36. I used to think they would never grow up.


  4. I hope you and your wife have a terrific Valentine's Day. Take care.

  5. I should think 'Uma' was flattered and pleased and thought it was a sweet gesture. Stepping out of your league does work for people at times.

  6. i love Valentine's Day!

    when i went to V Day gym event, barely anyone was dressed in red. it was catastrophic. including the instructor, whom normally dresses up at /any/ occasion!

    i absolutely adore Valentine's Day. ah. you see. buy her a box of candy 80% off and save it for next year. that way, it works both ways!

    honestly, a lot of guys and girls end up with people 'out of their league.' and "out of your league" is a subjective thing anyway. what makes that person out of your league? i mean, the bloke i have a crush on feels like he's out of my league. but that's because i put him on a pedestal. in reality, he probably is not really that out of my league.

    "She seemed to appreciate the gesture, and I walked away satisfied. If she did laugh as she ripped up the card and threw it in the garbage, at least she was nice enough to wait until I was out of sight." i really think you should adjust your thoughts. i mean, this is particularly sad. i'm not sure any girl, especially a senior girl that has gotten a card from a younger boy, would rip out the card. even if she didn't like you that way (honestly, with the age difference, i genuinely doubt that she did), she probably thought it was sort of cute someone your age did that for her. and it probably boosted her self esteem (not saying she has self esteem issues, but honestly, if the situations were swapped, i would feel so nice.) and if she didn't appreciate it then (because high school girls can be awful), she probably appreciates it now. honestly, there are so many things i regret doing/not doing in high school. so there's that!

    you really should think more highly of yourself!

    hoping your week is going by quite nicely!

    - Sam Lupin

  7. The wife and I aren't big fans of Valentine's Day mostly because it's a manufactured holiday so it was just a normal day for us. And my wife also doesn't care for Snow Patrol. What the heck, huh? Have a good one, Chris. Take care.