Thursday, March 30, 2017

Custom Card Crush

Sometimes I wish I had learned Photoshop.. or maybe not. 

I've met a couple of sports card collectors on the blogosphere who have a talent for creating custom-made trading cards. Once such blogger is Corky, author of the blog Pack War. He fulfilled nearly my whole wish list of custom cards. Most of them were female athletes who are fairly well known but have few if any actual collectibles (women's sports aren't exactly in high demand in the collectibles market, unfortunately.) 

If you're interested in some of the sports stars Corky customized I shared them on my other blog.  

Because I'm still very much a teenage boy at heart, I had also requested some custom cards of my favorite female celebrities (i.e. non athletes) Corky came through with this gem:

Awww yeah!

I gave the option of this "Color TV" design from the 1955 Bowman baseball card set, or a more modern Hi-Def flatscreen style. Corky opted for the classic look. Excellent choice.

Not sure where he found this pic (edit - it was her video for "Change It Up") but the colors really pop. This is why I'm glad I never learned Photoshop - if I knew how to make things like this, I'd never do anything else.

If I'm ever able to procure a physical copy, I might just send it to Taryn for an autograph. People send her things sometimes (such as SpongeBob undies) and when I first became a fan I stumbled on her Patreon page, in which she offers to send you a signed (and defaced) headshot if you contribute to her creations.

Speaking of creations.. many thanks to Corky for combining two of my favorite things: classic baseball cards and Taryn Southern. This absolutely made my day :-)



  1. Gad you were so pleased with the results. Take care.

  2. Taryn looks great. I wish I knew Photoshop, too. I wish I knew a lot of things.


  3. Nice work, Corky. It looks great and I'm glad he hooked you up. Learning Photoshop has been on my to-do list for years. One day I will check it off. Take care.

  4. I have no idea who Southern is... but that custom looks beautiful. She's not too shabby either ;)

    1. Taryn Southern is a YouTube star.. she's done some acting and singing and whatnot, but basically she's an "internetainer". Her fame probably peaked about five years ago, but I'm always years behind on trends anyhow :)

  5. i thought to go back and actually write a comment about this post!

    "Sometimes I wish I had learned Photoshop.. or maybe not." i learned my Photoshop skills through YouTube videos and trial and error. it is not that hard i'm telling you. if i can do it, you can too!

    "if I knew how to make things like this, I'd never do anything else." i can sort of second this... seeing the final product is amazing. all that layering however...

    the last sentence made me smile. you're too adorable.

    - Sam Lupin