Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FOB Five: Preparing For Purple

Fall Out Boy is releasing new music tomorrow. In keeping with the recent trend of dropping vague hints on social media, the only info I know is that it has something to do with the color Purple.

While I'm waiting for this new release (a single? a full-length album?) I thought I'd share some of my fave FOB tracks from past albums. These aren't necessarily my five favorites from the band, they're just some unique tracks that I've been feeling lately. 

I'll start with the first Fall Out Boy song I ever heard liked. When pop-punk/emo was in its heyday, I was attending community college a hundred miles from home, and I was a few years older than everyone there. I literally had no friends, and never really made any. But I had overheard a girl named Chelsea talking to her friends about Fall Out Boy, and she specifically mentioned this track:

 I sort of scoffed at first; "Sugar, We're Going Down" didn't appeal to me - and neither did the scene kids. But then I gave "Dance, Dance" a chance. Before long I was blasting it in my apartment, thinking of Angela (my college crush) as Patrick Stump sings this lyric:


Speaking of Angela... the chorus of this song always reminded me of her poise and confidence..

..especially contrasted with my lack of same. I personally identified with the lyric "I'm a stitch away from making it/and a scar away from falling apart." I felt so fragile, so exposed. And as I watched her interact with these people that knew her in ways I never would, I realized that she was on another level I could hardly even fathom. All I could do was watch her work the room. 

I just thought it was a unique, emotional, ballady-type song with strong vocals, and the chorus has a good kick to it.

So yeah, Infinity On High was my intro to the band, and I really dug it. Then their next album Folie a Deux kinda fell flat with me (and a lot of people) ...and then they broke up.

If they hadn't returned with Save Rock And Roll nearly five years later, I don't think I would have become a real fan of Fall Out Boy. But it was such an incredible comeback effort, especially the way that the opening track "The Phoenix" just busts down the doors and announces their presence with authority. But I've discussed that track before. 

The track that I've really enjoyed recently is "Young Volcanoes", which is a much slower, smoother jam (almost like a Jason Mraz song?) 

Whenever I hear this track I picture myself playing it on an acoustic guitar, sitting on a college campus courtyard with a circle of friends (perhaps I'm wearing a goofy ass hat like Patrick Stump, only I think I'd rock a Dr. Seuss-style lid) The vibe of this song just chills me out, and the lyric "We will teach you/how to make boys next door/out of assholes." really resonates with me. Girls don't want the nice guy, they want to try to tame the bad boy because... challenge?

Another FOB song I wish I could sing is "Jet Pack Blues", off their latest album (until tomorrow?) American Beauty/American Psycho. I don't always love their ballady stuff (I think I've listened to "Golden" all the way through exactly once) but this one is just so dreary and melancholy and beautiful:

This is one of two songs I dream of singing with Taryn ("Circadian Rhythym" by Silversun Pickups is the other). Even though there's no female vocal in this, I think it would work as a duet. (In my head we alternate verses and then sing the chorus to each other. Maybe we change the pronouns around, I dunno.)  

b-t-dubs..Taryn was sick and didn't post anything on social media for almost a whole week. And I was planning to write about how that made me worry a lil'bit since a week away from social media is like an eternity to a millennial... but then she resurfaced. In Tribeca. Which is less than an hour away from me.

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Anyway...let's get back on topic, shall we?

Whereas Save Rock And Roll was feast or famine for me (six amazing songs, four sub-par ones, too many odd guest vocals) American Beauty/American Psycho is consistently solid all the way through (though I don't care for the last track "Twin Skeletons") "Centuries" and "Uma Thurman" got all the airplay, but I think "Novocaine" is just as good:

This song kicks butt from beginning to end, but I always chuckle to myself whenever I hear Stump howl "I don't feel a thing for yooouuu"

Ha! I wish.

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