Friday, July 28, 2017


I have some random things in my head that aren't interesting enough for an entire blog post (I bought a 106 year old baseball card! I have poison ivy! I didn't take a nap today...yet) but my 7 year old daughter is bugging me to let her watch some Minecraft gamer video on YouTube and so I only have about an hour to write this. Which is probably a good thing, since I should really try to write shorter posts and focus more on commenting. 

I actually have a half-finished blog post in my head about how I never like what I write in a comment and so that's why I'm not commenting on blogs as often as I should - but I do read about a dozen blogs a day, and there's a good chance I've read your latest post and I just couldn't think of something decent to say. Because I hate my own words. 

Let's save that for another day. Right now I shall share my thoughts on the brand-new Fall Out Boy song/video "Champion". After hearing "Young & Menace" for the first (and only) time, I wasn't even excited that FOB released a new video, other than noting that it was fairly high on the YouTube trending chart (which I guess is like today's version of Billboard?) And then I saw this meme:

And then I thought welp that must mean this one's gonna be gooood. 

This is where I do another one of those running commentary things, like I've been known to do with Taryn videos. [I'm pressing play should do the same.]

Okay, so we've got two blokes sparring MMA-style. And the song is called "Champion" so I'm expecting another Jock Jam a la "Centuries"

Are you sure about that, Patrick? 

Anywho... back to "Champion" ...the song seems to fit along with "Young & Menace" on a theme of rage, frustration, adolescent trauma, feeling outcast or helpless or...I may be projecting here. But the video is kind of a mindtease, as the characters we see are virtual reality projections of another character's dreams. The MMA fighter is actually a high-strung (possibly coked-out) business guy, who is actually a stripper, who is actually... you get the idea.

if i could live through this, 
if i could live through this, 
if i could live through this
i can do anything

you will hear this chorus in commercials, movie trailers, and on the radio a hundred times this summer/fall  

Oh, look. They worked the album title into the video. Sneaky. (spoiler alert: it's the name of the tabloid)

Not sure why a cop would fantasize about being an award-winning actress. Being with an award-winning actress makes more sense  - which is probably why FOB didn't go that obvious route.

Yeah, cops, beat up a white guy for once! (Okay, I'm being unfair. I'm sure cops beat up white guys all the time. Right?)

The bully cop is actually a bullied kid. A bit cliche, but necessary. And it leads to my favorite scene - him and his friends jamming in a garage, having a blast. I dig that the singer is an African-American kid (we need more black rockers!) but his lip-synching could be better.

...which leads to Pete Wentz, backstage with his FOB mates. This is why I love the prior scene, the transition seems to indicate how much he misses the joy of just rocking out with his friends - without the pressures of fame. 

But being a world-famous rock star is cool, too. Ain't that right, Jaden Smith?

Oh man...I wonder what my favorite pop singer/VR enthuisiast would think about that last scene?

Well, it's 4pm and my daughter has been very patient so I'm going to let her take over the computer for a while...and maybe I'll take a nap ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Enjoy your nap. Have a terrific weekend.

    1. It's often the best part of my day ;/ I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

  2. I hope you got your nap. I know what you mean about commenting on blogs. Once I got over trying to sound deep (or trying to make sense all the time) it got easier. As with anything, practice makes you better.

    And no, I'm not going to watch the video. Thanks for the commentary, though. Now I don't feel like I missed anything ;)

    1. That's ok. I've yet to find a fellow Fall Out Boy fan on the blogosphere. I tried sharing this post in a G+ fan group, but that didn't seem to work. (which is probably for the best since a superfan might poke holes in my commentary)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I have a confession to make. Until I read this blogpost, I had never even heard of Fall Out Boy. I listened to the song and watched the video. For me the song is unremarkable but I rather liked the concept of the video. If I put on a virtual reality device I should like to shove you out of the way and take a hike to a private, sunny spot down by the river with Taryn Southern. There we would enjoy a delicious picnic and she would gasp "Oh Daddy!"

    1. NO! Don't you dare take my woman! Haha...well played sir. I guess Fall Out Boy hasn't caught on in your part of the world? Or perhaps we're older than their core audience. I say "we" because I would feel out of place at a FOB concert - and they're my favorite band.

  4. Wow they managed to pack a lot of story into one music video. I generally don't like Fall Out Boy [sorry], but that song isn't bad.

    1. For some reason I rarely like their songs on the first listen - even their hits like "Sugar, We're Going Down" and "Uma Thurman" took a while to grow on me. Perhaps they'd grow on you, too. Perhaps not. But thanks for reading anyhow :)