Saturday, August 5, 2017


All of the girls I crush on are islands.

Secret places for my head and heart to escape. 

Distant paradises, far from the cold reality of everyday life.

I've been island hopping for a decade, starting with one nearest to me. I explored the surroundings, learned everything I could about the native species, and built a nice little home for my heart.

Then it got too dangerous. Tsunamis of reality crushed my meager existence, hitting far too close to home. I nearly lost everything. I had to get off Angela Island. 

There was a small island in the distance. Nothing sustainable, but it would make for a temporary escape. Katelandia. 

Then the weather there got unbearably hot, and I had to find another home. But where?

Joy Isle. 

This would be my permanent escape. It had everything I needed - natural beauty, accessibility, and a vast, sustainable garden of thoughts and dreams. 

It was perfect. It was home.

It was too dangerous. The weather was unpredictable. I accidentally burned down parts of the forest. The fruit was too sweet. The crops would grow, then die, then grow again. And when they grew, they grew too big.

I had to get out of there. But...where would I go?

For a while, there seemed to be no escape from Joy Isle. I began to think I'd die there. 

And then I found it, far off in the distance.


Yes! This was perfect. So much beauty, so much vegetation. So I could live off this land forever. And it was soooo far away from the real world it was like a star in a different galaxy, burning brighter and brighter and drawing me in to all of its splendor.

But oh my God, that light is so bright! Being too far from reality is frightening. The wildlife here is of a different species. It simply cannot be tamed. 

I can't stay in Southernland. Far too intense for me. Paradise is supposed to be relaxing.

None of these islands have brought me any peace of mind. They all become uninhabitable and destroy me from the inside. There is nowhere to escape.

Perhaps I should jump in the ocean and drown. I can't swim back home. I've gone too far.



  1. There are many secret places I escape to, places that are usually in the past.

    1. The past is a good place to visit. I find myself mentally rewriting my history almost daily.

  2. This was great!

    Also...Joy Isle is a fabulous name.

    The post on my blog was indeed named for the U2 lyrics! Nice catch.

    1. That's awesome, I use song lyrics in my blog posts often. And "All I Want Is You" is one of my fave U2 songs.

      Thanks for reading!

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  4. I think that everyone has a rich internal fantasy world but usually we keep it secret from everyone. You on the other hand have lifted the blinds. Sorry that when you arrived at Southernland you found me making out with Taryn on a hammock strung between two coconut palms. I just couldn't help myself.

    1. There you go again, stealing my lady. I'll get you for that! :p

      I wish it were you making out with her in that hammock (well, I wish it was me, obviously. but if it couldn't be me..)

      Seriously, you're the only one that lets me have fun with this, so thank you! Its second nature to me to share things like this..I've learned to be a little more vague but often the only way out of these things is to write through them.

  5. Do your islands have populations? That might be part of the problem.