Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Not Buying it

Three of my favorite artists have released or are releasing new music... and I'm not buying any of it. The reasons are as varied as the artists...

Muse released "Dig Down" as a stand-alone single:

Seems kind of pointless to download this track when it will surely be on the forthcoming album ..though there is no forthcoming album scheduled. I added it to Mah Birffday Plaeelisst, and I'll try to play it sparingly until there is an album. My wife is a hardcore Muse fan (they're called "Musers") and once the CD hits stores (if there are still CDs by then..or stores) she will play the crap out of it.  

As for my favorite band, and their forthcoming album...

Well that sucks. 

Here's a suggestion: ditch "Young & Menace", leave everything else alone. I trust you guys.

Tbh, "Y&M" will probably grow on me after a few spins..when Folie a Deux dropped I liked "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes" and "I Don't Care"..but I didn't care for the rest of the record. It took me three years to give Folie another chance..and now I love 90% of it.

As for this chick...

A post shared by Taryn Southern (@tarynsouthern) on

I have seen her American Idol fail, and I have heard of her comedy album (which is unavailable anywhere - and that isn't really her thing anymore) and I have played maybe one or two of her cover tunes.. but I have yet to familiarize myself with her original music. 

Now I have an opportunity to purchase an entire album of Taryn tracks.. and I don't think I'm going to. Electro-pop isn't exactly my genre, and I can't listen to it in the car - for two reasons. D is cool with me watching Taryn's videos, but spending $10-15 of my sports card money on an EDM CD would be a tough thing to explain. Plus, knowing how much TS is all into future tech, there probably won't even be a physical album - and I can't download iTunes just to buy this shit. 

All of this is outside the fact that I'm not in a good place with my Taryn crush at the moment. When I pulled that pic off her Insta this morning, I caught a glimpse of a more recent pic. Apparently she's in Tel Aviv, for some exhibit on 'the female form'. Cause she can just decide to go anywhere in the world, at any time, for any reason. Must be nice. 

I was feeling a little frosty towards her when I read some of the comments on the museum pic. All these anti-Israel people equating her visit with supporting terrorism. Just like the hyper conservative Hillary haters who loudly unfollowed her because she didn't bow down to the Donald. Sigh...

Naturally she was very diplomatic and doesn't ever fight fire with fire. She's too smart for that.

I have Jewish friends (okay, Jewish bosses) and I have Muslim friends...and I have liberal friends and conservative..family members (sooo many conservative family members...) and if you want to call me a snowflake because I cant handle the constant bickering and vitriol being thrown around from all sides, for any number of reasons (none of them valid) then fine. I'm a fucking snowflake. Melt my ass or leave me alone. 

What was I talking about? Oh yeah...music. 

I don't think I can buy the new Taryn Southern album, but if I do..I'll be sure to review it here. Cause I know y'all are as curious as I am haha.

Have you bought any new music lately? Let me know in comments :-)



  1. I bought Deadlift Lolita's 'Muscle Cocktail' single. They're a couple of professional wrestlers with a kawaiicore band who make songs about working out.

    1. That sounds interesting..I'll have to check that out.

  2. I haven't bought music in a long time. I've finally reached the point of being too old to care about new music. And my kids don't bother to teach me about music anymore. "I grow old, I grow old, I wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled." I took Franklin to the vet for his annual exam today. The receptionist asked if anyone in our household was 62 or older so we could have a senior discount. I said, No. I have four years to go.

    WHAT? she asked.

    I repeated myself. She said, Oh, I thought you said you had forty years to go.

    If I had forty years to go, I might be Taryn.


    1. Lol...you're never too old for new music. Shame on your kids for not sharing their faves with you. I played Fall Out Boy for my soon-to-be 75 year-old mom last time I saw her. Not because I thought she'd love it, but because I wanted her to know what I'm listening to.

      I really didn't think you were even close to 'senior discount' age. And for the record, Taryn is 30 years away ;)

  3. The last 2 CD's I bought were in 2003 but I do pay for Spotify so technically I still purchase music.

    Spotify has a new release page but I always forget to go through it. When I do see an album I want to listen to, I bookmark it and then usually never take the time to listen to it.

    Most of my new music comes from my daughter, she'll drop a few songs on my playlist here and there and when it comes up on my random, I'll either keep it or delete it. Most I keep since her love of music comes from me but I occasionally delete stuff.

    The last couple of new released albums I remember listening to were Chris Stapleton's and Ed Sheeran's.

  4. I really need to make more time in my life for music.

  5. Last piece of music I purchased was back in early July. I purchased two LP's at the flea market... Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy and The Beatles: Abbey Road. Tbh... didn't really buy it for the music. I just love the album covers.

  6. The last cd I bought was BNL. I can't remember if it was All In Good Time or one of their digital things..
    I have a free Spotify account since income isn't always guaranteed. One of these days I plan on getting another iTunes card and getting some of the albums I want..
    BNL Silverball, Weird Al Mandatory Fun.. I'm sure there's others.. Maybe a few Captain Tractor tracks..

  7. One of the glorious things about Spotify is finding bands that are actually still together and still making new stuff. Thew newest Handsome Family album and Wovenhand album are still on my current playlist. 20 Watt Tombstone [supposedly] releasing a new album soon, and the Shack Shakers should have a new one out this autumn.
    :D :D :D

    You ever heard of the Basement Saints? One of my newer discoveries. You and Lil Bro#2 have similar tastes in bands and he loves them.

    ......there are still CD shops? I know record stores are popping up all over because that's cool now, but I thought CD shops were long gone.

  8. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is the latest thing we have purchased. It's on Spotify but we like to support one of our favorite indie artists so we had to buy it. Other than that, we just stream stuff. I have turned more into a podcast guy anyway. Have a good one, Chris.