Saturday, August 26, 2017

Voice Recognition: Activated

Tonight is Dr. Colosso night on Nickelodeon.

Who is Dr. Colosso, you ask?

He's the evil bunny on The Thundermans, one of the four shows my girls watch every day.

I've watched a few episodes with them, but it wasn't until the promotions ran for this specially-themed night that the voice of the bunny sounded very familiar to me.

Who is the voice of Dr. Colosso, you ask?

Dana Snyder, who also voiced one of my all-time favorite characters:

Master Shake, of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Here's a clip of Master Shake turning into "Mocha" Shake:

And here's a clip of Dr. Colosso turning in to Dana:

Unfortunately I can't show my kids any of his previous voiceover work.

Also, D mentioned that if she could choose her ideal body type, she'd want to look like Thundermans lead actress Kira Kosarin:




  1. "He's the evil bunny on The Thundermans, one of the four shows my girls watch every day." given how young your daughters are, i'd assume that it's something that i wouldn't be that interested in!

    (Master Shake, of Aqua Teen Hunger Force) --> you've lost me there.

    (Here's a clip of Master Shake turning into "Mocha" Shake:) --> i actually watch your videos. i suck that way. oh God, i regret it now.

    oh my God, the other video is just as bad. my God, that voice is eternally stuck in my head.

    "D mentioned that if she could choose her ideal body type" --> she could. i mean... if you work hard enough, you could look as good as she does in the picture. but that's just me and my gym motivation talk speaking.

    comment reply:

    "but I've been told he is a, um, "secondary" character." he is actually not important and those that do know him hate him with the burning passion of a thousand suns. in the original script, he has a big fight with his father about the fact that they all trust Dumbledore and that Harry is crazy. yeah... it's actually interesting. i was going to write a whole post explaining why i even like Percy in the first place. maybe i'll add a bit of detail for you. ;)

    "155 burpees sounds like a lot" it is a LOT a LOT. i mean... i didn't even do proper ones because if you do 155 proper burpees, you literally wouldn't be able to get up afterwards.

    (I did not know who this Grant Gustin fellow was so I looked him up, and...ah yes. I see why he would be your dream guy. ..Charlie Sheen suits your needs? Not unless you "need" a drug habit!)

    Grant is gorgeous, but it's really his voice (which is amazing) and his acting that i'm in love with. he acted in Glee as one of my favourite characters of all time and after that, i just couldn't get enough of him! as for the Charlie Sheen comment, i loved it! i laughed!

    "part of the reason why I'm not able to finish a novel is because my thought patterns are so scattered that I cant freakin focus." reminds me of an Ellen Hopkins book. ever tried reading one of hers? though the scattered thoughts is exactly what she's famous for.

    it's a collection of disjointed thoughts all strewn together in one story. it's impressive, but a book you can finish in 30 minutes.

    And you'd be the only girl alive who would choose "that guy" over Alex Pettyfer --> i think that real people look better than most actors and actresses. my biggest body inspirations are all people in my real life that i interact with all the time. it's the way they act in real life that i'm super attracted to! it's also why the more 'normal' a woman or man looks like in the television, the more i'm likely to love how they look like!

    i also think (in the little picture that i tried to zoom in) i love (what little i can see) of your eyes! they look so kind and approachable. :) and hey, i think the way i see things is pretty correct anyway. i'm not gonna marry Alex whateverhisface is, i'm going to marry a real man... and then he could make fun of Alex whateverhisfaceis and i will love him all the more for it. ;) honestly, here, we do pick apart celebrities a lot. i really think real people look so much better. maybe it's different if i meet them in real life!! but otherwise, nah.

    "And I'd prefer it if you moved to the USA know...Trump. :(" i know! ah well, no residency in the US for me... but his term would probably be over by then.

    oh, do you listen to any other metal bands? i've recently been getting deep into Disturbed. i loved them before but now, i just LOVE them. do you listen to any Scorpions? they're a nice classic!

    "I hope you are in a good mood today Sam, though I know it can be difficult to decide it some days." oh, you know it. i have to /decide/ several times in one day that i am happy. xD

    - Sam Lupin

    1. Now who's been blogging up a storm? ;-P

      I'll reply to this -and comment on your blog- asap.

  2. Our boy is 37 and it's been a long time since I watched Nickelodeon.

    1. I'm 37 also...and I haven't watched Nick this much since Amanda Bynes was on half their shows.

  3. We used to love Pinky and the Brain. We all watched it together. Now Favorite Young Man and I like Bob's Burgers.


    1. Pinky and the Brain! Animaniacs, right? I used to watch that back in the day.

      Bob's Burgers is good. I should watch it more often, but I rarely have time for The Simpsons or Family Guy anymore. Maybe when my girls are older.

  4. One day you'll be able to introduce them to his other voice work. Of course, by then they probably won't remember this character.

    1. I hope so, they like Spongebob so maybe they'd like Aqua Teen. They might forget about the Thundermans before long, I dont think they love it as much as Henry Danger.